Wedding Celebrant

Conventional UK weddings and civil partnerships take place at registry offices, religious institutions and specific licenced locations – and all of these events must stick to their respective defined formats.   But you have other options.
     The only UK legal requirement to register a marriage is to say appropriate words to a licensed person and to sign the marriage register.  Anything else, including bridal entrance, exchanging rings and saying vows is purely ceremonial and can take place anywhere you want, in any format you want and at any time you want.
     You choose the venue – home, garden, beach, pub, marquee, boat, historic site, woodland, sports field, hot air balloon, whatever…     You choose the timing – daytime, night-time, by candlelight or by moonlight.
     You can register your marriage quickly and cheaply at a registry office and then, sometime later, have the wedding ceremony and celebration that you have dreamt of.
     As your wedding celebrant, I will work with you to design and script a ceremony to give you exactly what you want. If you can picture it, I can make it work for you.

Please CONTACT ME to talk about how I can make a difference to your special day.
You can get more information at my dedicated wedding celebrant website

See what people say about me at ‘Guides For Brides’ (you can write a review there too!)

Click HERE to see my 360 degree wedding views (get in touch if you want some taken at your event)

Ask about my ‘Kickstarter Wedding Planning’ to help you design the format of your special day. On-line and face-to-face sessions based on my ‘WEDDING PLANNER STARTER KIT‘ book. 

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