Town Crier

‘Where are my tights? I’m late for work!

My town crier services can add something unique to your celebration or event. The town crier of history would ring a bell and make a proclamation. The topics were not always pleasant (for example, new taxation) but deemed necessary. The public at the time were generally illiterate, so ‘shouting the message’ was the norm and, however unpleasant the topic, it was a capital offence to attack the ‘crier’, thereby establishing the principle of ‘don’t shoot the messenger’.

A Crier’s job is much safer these day mercifully. Ringing a bell and making a loud proclamation commands attention and can be used for a variety of ‘people management’ situations. For example, to guide people back to a conference from a coffee break, to call them to the dining table, to announce the entrance of a bride and groom or to introduce a speaker.

The photo below comes from a large business conference at O2 where my role was to get groups of people to appropriate locations.

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PS. Some businesses have used my Town Crier services to help them develop a compelling value message, Can you sum up your business in a twenty second proclamation?

‘Crier’ in action at Corporate event.