Town Crier

For your business and personal ‘proclamations’

The Town Crier of old would ring his bell and ‘proclaim’ (shout) his message. This, together with a notice pinned to a post, was how important information was given. It had to be very clear so the, generally illiterate, public would understand it.

Businesses have used my Town Crier Services to develop a compelling ‘attention getter’. My 90-minute ‘Town Crier Value Build Workshop’ will help you to summarise your business value in a twenty second proclamation and on a brief written notice?

For your business event or conference, my Town Crier Services can help your ‘people management situations’; welcoming attendees; making announcements; calling them to the dining table; introducing a speaker etc.

For a personal or family major celebration, a surprise Town Crier Announcement might be more appropriate than a strip-o-gram.

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‘Crier’ in action at Corporate event.

Business event Crier MC
Town Crier at shop opening