Business Events

My aim is to give your event the impact, energy and enjoyment that you want from it. Your attendees (guests, clients or employees) will enjoy an experience that couldn’t be bettered. As your MC, I can wear the red tailcoated toastmaster outfit, a dinner jacket, a business suit or, as some clients wanted, my Town Crier outfit. I’ve performed one MC job dressed as Father Christmas (but only one!).  I’m happy to wear whatever suits your event best.

Please feel free to contact me ; I’ll be delighted to give any advice and help that I can.

The images below show me in my MC role for a variety of events and at a variety of locations. Two of the top images are at a James Bond themed Ball at The Hyatt / Churchill Hotel. You might recognise ‘Miss Moneypenny’, the lovely Samantha Bond. 

With Jamie Raven Magician