Are the toastmaster/celebrant roles now defunct?

Things will never be the same. When wedding ceremonies restart many will do so with smaller groups of guests and, despite whatever legislation allows, with some people too nervous to attend. The grandparent generation might even be disallowed or discouraged.
Web conferencing is already playing a part to help solve these challenges and this technological assistance will grow.
As far as the toastmaster / celebrant is concerned, he or she will need to perform the roles of advisor, planner, scriptwriter, producer, choreographer, coordinator, performer and enabler – and many of the current job protocols and rituals will evolve accordingly. For example, I have events in the pipeline where I am scripting the wedding ceremony as I would in my celebrant role – and (via web conferencing) making family members able to perform it.
For this new world, I will need to revamp my websites and my marketing literature; I’ll still use the titles ‘toastmaster’ and ‘celebrant’ but I’ll also describe my potential contribution with a phrase like ‘your wedding day planner, co-ordinator, choreographer, director, performer and Zoom-Master’
That doesn’t yet feel quite right and is still work in progress so please feel free to comment.
We might not have wanted this new world but we’re going to have to live in it..

One thought on “Are the toastmaster/celebrant roles now defunct?

  1. I’ve been having some very similar thoughts William. I’m currently involved in a (relatively) minor home project while locked-down but have been thinking all the time about just how to change direction. Planning, scriptwriting and choreographing have been very much part of my thinking.
    I hadn’t really considered the possibility of weddings being greatly reduced in size – but if it does happen then I can only breathe a sigh of relief at the thought that loads of young couples will no longer be near bankrupting themselves (and their parents!) on a one-day party!

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