‘Style’ comments

I’m not referring to glamour or fashion (thankfully!) but how I go about my work. Toastmasters and Celebrants have their own ‘styles’ which will influence their suitability for a particular event. Some are very formal and adhere to strict protocol, others more casual.

Here’s an overview of ‘me’ and my ‘style’

  1. I don’t do the very traditional toastmaster stuff; banging gavels, waving swords but I am ‘formal’ in that I adhere to the schedule and keep things on track. I involve the guests as much as is appropriate and I’ll stand back when not needed. I don’t assume that I am a guest with guest privileges.
  2. I don’t demand food (although something simple is appreciated to stop me fainting) and I don’t drink ‘on duty’. I might have a friendly nightcap before I leave and after I’ve removed my red tailcoat.
  3. I make sure the focus is on you (the bride and groom) so I don’t push myself into photos and I make a point of not being photographed standing between the bride and groom
  4. Your photos are a key part of your memories so I don’t wear my red tailcoat in my Celebrant role which, frankly, looks strange in hindsight.
  5. I don’t have formal rehearsals for Celebrant ceremonies (unless they are wanted); I enjoy the spontaneity over highly choreographed (and often stilted) perfection. I do proper advance planning, scripting and preparation of course!

Do I suit your requirements? If so, please get in touch. If not, no problem, there are lots of good options for you to choose from. I’ll even make recommendations if you want me to.

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