Enjoy the moment so you can enjoy the memory

This seems a strange idea to many tourists, especially those from the Far East, who seem to do much of their sightseeing through a camera lens – sometimes even backwards via ‘selfie’ views! This might give them great recordings of events – but comparatively little direct enjoyment of them.

I urge you (my wedding couples) to enjoy your special day moment by moment. Sure, you’ll want to capture memories via photos and movies but you should want them to be genuine memories; genuine enjoyment moments captured and recorded discreetly. You must strike a balance, you want formal ‘stick-in-a-book-memories’ (and their digital equivalents) to look back on, but you are there to enjoy your special day with your family and friends, you are not on a film shoot.

By the way, I’m not knocking photographers, I have good friends in that business and they add value to every occasion. They know that they are in an important – but supporting – role and work so they don’t overwhelm the main event.