‘I must keep reminding myself that it isn’t MY day’

Of course I want the guests / event attendees to think ‘what a great toastmaster / MC’ – that’s only natural. Every one of us in the ‘event’ business has an ego; we want our clients to like us and to like what we do. We want them to recommend us to others. That’s true whether we are toastmaster, MC, wedding celebrant, magician or some other supplier / contributor.

But the day isn’t about us; we are not the main focus. We shouldn’t think of the event being our ‘party’, neither should we regard ourselves as ‘guests’ or ‘participants’.

 The main outcome (in my opinion) should be that attendees leave with the thought ‘that was a terrific day’ in their heads.  It’s also good if they think ‘the MC did a very good job’ (in fact it’s essential) but it is secondary to the main purpose.  Focusing on getting the client and guests to have an exceptionally good day will mean that I have to perform my duties exceptionally well. Deep down, there’s a party animal lurking within me but when I’m performing my job at your event this animal is kept under firm control. I will be personable, amusing, professional and sober but I will let you and your guests get on with your conversations and only intervene where and when it is part of my role to do so.

 One characteristic of exceptional event contributors is that they know exactly what the client expects and can show their value in making those things happen.


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