Ten reasons to dump your wedding suppliers and cut costs

Weddings are damned expensive things and here are some  of the main comments I hear about cutting costs.

  1. “Everybody takes photos these days; digital cameras lurk in mobile phones, tablets and wristwatches. If I make everyone a photographer, I’ll get all the pictures I need”.
  2. “We’ve all got cars, for goodness sake. Just clean them up and we don’t need a posh chauffeur-driven limo”
  3. “Besides, Uncle Jack can wear a cap and be your chauffeur”
  4. “We do our hair and make-up every day so we can cope today just like every other day”
  5. “The hotel manager can do the announcements for us, so we needn’t spend money on a toastmaster”
  6. “Cash bar from the start, that’ll save a bob or two”
  7. “Nobody wants a formal sit-down meal, do they?”
  8. “Aunty Mabel will make the cake”
  9. “Nobody notices the seat covers for goodness sake!”
  10. “Cousin Tom can do a few magic tricks. He’s not brilliant, but he’s keen to learn and this’ll be a good experience for him.

You want your wedding day to be the dream day you hope for and you want to be able to remember it with joy and happiness.

Of course you want to control costs but I can respond to every one of these ten comments. Anybody want to ‘argue’?

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