“Do I NEED a toastmaster? Can’t Uncle Jim do it?”

The quick answer is no, you don’t need a toastmaster; your wedding reception can take place without one. In the same vein, neither do you need bridesmaids, a sit down meal , a professional photographer or a hired limousine – you can have your wedding reception without any of these things; it all depends on how enjoyable and memorable you want your wedding day to be.

A good wedding toastmaster will add great value to your occasion and help you to enjoy it without feeling stressed.

Your wedding toastmaster, is your ‘man Friday’ (or ‘woman Friday’, of course), your ‘keeper of things going’, your ‘stopper of things going wrong’, your ‘fixer when they do go wrong’, your ‘keeping people happy’ person, your liaison with other services, your ‘provider of tissues and wet wipes’ and, of course, your wedding toastmaster and master of ceremonies.

Someone has to do these things – but should it be a party guest or a member of hotel staff?  I vote for the toastmaster – but then I would say that.

What do you say?

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